Rewards Progams drive loyalty - if you keep it simple


Rewards programs go a long way in driving customer loyalty if done correctly. Fine print, black out dates and other “rules” end up turning loyalty programs into frustrations for customers that ultimately end up hurting your relationship.

Keep it simple.

I’ve been getting my hair cut at Bishops, a new spot in town that opened a few months ago. When I went to pay today I was presented with a new loyalty card to get stamped during each visit. Every 10th cut will be free with this card. A nice touch but I was blown away when the owner Karman Stahl pulled up my history and checked off my previous 6 visits on the card. This is a text book example of exceeding a customer’s expectations and showing appreciation for loyalty. I wouldn’t have expected that my previous visits would count (because let’s face it, most brands won’t do this) but what a “wow” factor that they honored them. Look for little touches like this in your daily customer interactions to drive customer loyalty!

And BTW if you’re in the Cincy area “get your damn hair cut” as their slogan states at Bishops and ask for Summer Hackett!