“As a 26 year leader at the Disney Company, people often ask me the secret to Disney’s mystical customer experience.  The truth is, it’s all about creating a culture of extraordinary customer service - and Charles Ryan Minton is sharing his expertise in his fantastic new book “Thanks for Coming in Today."  I’ve personally worked with Ryan and can say from personal experience that he knows his stuff.  He walks the talk, and knows how to lead teams to do the same.  This is not some empty academic theory.  I encourage you to buy a copy for every member of your team to learn his “behind-the-scenes” secrets to world-class excellence…before your competition does!”

MARK DAVID JONES, President, Small World Alliance and former Disney executive

"For years my management team has had the same three great customer service books as required reading. I have not found a book (and I’ve read them all) worthy of adding as mandatory reading for our team until now! I’ve found a fourth in Charles Ryan Minton’s "Thanks for Coming in Today."  I will be putting this book in the hands of every one of my team members. It’s that good.  This is a winner! "

MIKE HAMILTON, Franchisee, Chief Operating Officer, Planet Fitness Midwest

“Charles Ryan Minton is one of the most polished and professional keynotes I’ve had the opportunity to work with in years.  His presentation at Customer Contact Week Nashville delivered in such a way that attendees quoted him both anecdotally and in our written surveys.  Following the keynote address, Ryan hosted a book signing during our cocktail reception, and the line was out the door for over an hour despite a competing open bar.  We ended up delivering passed glasses of wine to queued attendees so they wouldn’t lose their place in line. If you are seeking a high energy author keynote who deeply engages his audience… look no further!”

MICHAEL DEJAGER, Director, Customer Contact Week, the world’s largest customer contact event series

“Ryan was an incredible keynote speaker! Our healthcare providers regard the hotel industry as one of the best industries for customer experience and employee engagement and Ryan did not disappoint in sharing stories about his background as a hotel GM at our recent dental conference!  He walked attendees through his methodology on how to create a culture where employees thrive and customer experience is alive.  Everyone in attendance was extremely impressed with the takeaways they could immediately put into action.  I would recommend Ryan to any organization or company that wants to create a more thriving work place that will lead to happier employees and customers!”

JACOB PUHL, Chief Executive Officer, DEO: The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization

“Charles Ryan Minton’s hands-on, real world experience was a highlight of our recent annual conference of hotel and hospitality professionals. He was an attendee favorite and received the highest possible ratings for his session connecting customer service, employee engagement, and the profitability of our businesses. Attendees are saying his keen and usable insights are not to be missed. We’re certain to make him a regular contributor at future events.”

JOSEPH SAVARISE, Executive Director, Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association


"Creating an outstanding and memorable customer experience is the most important element of running a successful business. Most managers err by looking at customer service as a protocol issue. Charles Ryan Minton sees phenomenal customer service as a natural extension of a phenomenal employee culture. Ryan shares low-cost, easy-to-implement tools and strategies that will begin to elevate and transform your customer experience immediately."

JANE GROTE ABELL, Chairwoman of the Board, Donatos Pizza and featured in CBS's Undercover Boss

uc health.png

“Charles Ryan Minton’s new book “Thanks for Coming in Today” is a gem for service excellence tactics and foundational experience ideas. Every service example he details in each chapter can be embraced and put into action in any industry, from hospitality to healthcare. This is a must-read for all customer, guest, and patient experience leaders!” 

JENNIFER JASMINE E. ARFAA, PhD, Chief Experience Officer & Vice President of Patient Experience, UC Health

“At Jaguar and Land Rover we understand that our customers expect more than just a quality product.  Luxury brands like ours have to deliver superior customer service.  Charles Ryan Minton tailored content and a presentation that was relevant for our brand and gave actionable information we could implement to elevate our customer experience. I highly recommend working with Ryan!”

RICHARD ALLEN, Vice President & General Manager, Jaguar Land Rover


"The foundation of any great company, organization, or non-profit lies within their human capital. Investment in your employees, creating a space where they feel heard, empowered, respected and engaged, naturally feeds into how they interact with your visitors or customers.  At the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden we aim to create the best visitor experience in the nation, and we get there through investing heavily in the relationships we build with our front line team.  When we do that well, you can see the returns on that investment through the trickle effect of happier employees, more engaged visitors and members, and huge returns in our revenue stream. Charles Ryan Minton does a remarkable job of explaining, down to the nuts and bolts, how to be the best leader you can be in the visitor experience space, and how to get the best out of your employees. If you fully embrace the ideas and concepts that Ryan so artfully lays out, you will see success in your brand and business. Secondarily and maybe more importantly, you will walk away with stronger relationships and will be building a better community."   

RHIANNON HOEWELER, Vice President of Visitor Experience, Strategy & FUN, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

“With a unique perspective; advancing from the front desk to general manager while employed by some of the world’s largest hotel brands and high-profile companies, Charles Ryan Minton recognizes that an exceptional leader is one that knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.  Ryan shares the special qualities of being that exceptional leader – to both your customers and employees, which is synonymous with becoming yourself.  Holding yourself to a higher standard is key to providing an unforgettable customer experience.  It is one of many insightful learning opportunities Ryan offers to his readers.”

JOE HINSON, President & CEO, West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance


“Often a forgotten art, Charles Ryan Minton conveys, through his extensive professional education and experiences, how to master customer service in today’s changing marketplace.  Ryan presents key core concepts in an understandable and easy to implement format.  A must for anyone looking to enhance their customer experience.”

MARK HECQUET, Executive Director, Butler County Visitor's Bureau